Welcome to Penny Lane Fundraising.

We are Scandinavia’s new cross-channel fundraising brand, helping NGOs create awareness for their cause and resources for their efforts.

We are looking for brand ambassadeurs in Denmark (Aarhus, Aalborg, København) and Sweden who’s ready to lend a hand in an ambitious but informal community. Wanna join us?

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The Penny Lane approach

Your most important task is to create dialogue. Sometimes that’s enough, because the person will leave with a good experience and you might have planted a seed. At other times the goal is to gather signatures for a certain cause. You can create a lead, if the person needs to consider a donation further, then he/she will be contacted in a few days. In other cases you can welcome them in the fight for the good cause right away. The most important thing is that everyone leaves with a smile.





The cause

We design and execute fundraising campaigns for leading NGOs in Denmark and Sweden. You'll be an ambassador for brands like the Danish Heart Foundation, Church Aid and Oxfam.

The Team

Armin and Susanne have a professional background in field marketing and vast experience with sales management and -coaching. They all started right where you are now. But years after that first day doing face-to-face-dialogue they are ready to build Scandinavia’s strongest fundraising brand.

Armin Kavousi

Head of Operations

“In Penny Lane there’s room for fun and flexibility. As brand ambassador you set your own schedule, you have a say in recruitment and if you’re a social media wiz, you get a chance to influence that as well. That’s why we are looking for passionate individuals, who wants to help shape Penny Lane.”

Susanne Andreasson

Team Manager, Malmö, Sweden

“I am so excited about growing a strong Penny Lane team. Our Danish colleagues have had great success building the NGO platform, and now we are ready to introduce it to Sweden - and we are starting in my home town Malmö!”

Peter Jacobsen

Team Manager

"I'm passionate about working with charity, because I believe everyone should have the best foundation possible in life - and most often they, unfortunately, don't have the solution and opportunities in their own hands. That's why I get up daily to make a difference."

Bilal El Fadil

Team Leader

“We are a successful team due to the community. We have fun together both - and outside the workplace. For example, we keep cool activities after work, which really matters to me. In addition, the community and work contribute to the constant opportunity to develop both personal and work-related. It is among other things, therefore, I love being a part of Penny Lane.”

Meick Jensen

Team Leader

"Since I was a kid, I've wanted to create everything from drawings to movies. With Penny Lane, I found a way to create something far greater than myself. Penny Lane has enabled me to create a work environment that accommodates everyone and an environment that makes a huge difference every day for the people we meet in the street, as well as the people we work with. Penny Lane may be the best forum for personal development for me. "

Esben Brandborg

Team Leader

"If I truly have to mention one thing that I'm driven about its team culture. In everything, I put my hands on, its crucial that I have fun and work with passionate people. You rarely find that combination anywhere. Nevertheless, in Penny Lane Fundraising, you do. And then the fact that you make the world a better place at the same time, you got the best possible cocktail for the world's best workplace."